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Recruitment and Selection of Sea Staff


            The recruitment process is an extensive process that starts with background checking of a candidate and assessment of the technical and communication competencies of the crew. Döhle Seafront also arranges for a full profiling of officers identified to manage the vessels in order to ascertain the strengths and other skills that need development.


            Döhle Seafront is one of the few crewing companies that strictly adhere to an enhanced medical screening to minimize, if not, downright avoid medical repatriations. The company also emphasizes that it is the crew’s responsibility to adjust his lifestyle and health habits to ensure that he is fit to serve onboard the ships, given that the crew’s fitness is very much a safety issue as much as it is a cost issue. This medical screening strategy has significantly reduced the number of medical repatriation for Döhle Seafront-manned vessels. The concern on the long term health of our crew helps ensure that they have full career free from illness.


Crew Certificate Compliance


            As an integral part of our screening procedure, we check crew certificates and documents for their authenticity.



Crew Deployment and Repatriation


            Döhle Seafront arranges the employment contract as per labour supplying state requirement. Moreover, we have experience in arranging visas in wide host of countries such as the United States, Germany, Turkey, China, the Netherlands, Norway, Taiwan,  Belgium, Korea, Indonesia, among others. Döhle Seafront is accredited with both the United States embassy and the German embassy.


Payroll Arrangement, Pension Administration, Crew Taxes, and Social Security Contributions.


            Döhle Seafront has the expertise in arranging payroll and allotment based on the portage bill with the support of its web-based crewing system. Döhle Seafront promptly processes the crew allotments and has an efficient system of alerting each and every allotee on the status of his allotment. We have a system where the allotments are credited to the allottee accounts right away from transmittal of funds.


            Döhle Seafront also assists the crew families by issuing the documentary requirements of the government for collection of social security and health care benefits. Moreover, we continue to liaise with the various government agencies for any and all manner related to crew requirements.


Supervising Crew Efficiency and Creating an Appraisal System


            Döhle Seafront actively supervises crew efficiency onboard and practices an appraisal system to motivate sea staff and produce suitable personnel for promotion.


Crew Family Program


Döhle Seafront holds quarterly seminar for crew wives and families. The seminars have structured courses and workshops based on situational case studies. The modules cover personal financial management, character building, good habit formation, parenting best practices, among others.


   Doehle Seafront Crewing (Manila), Inc.
   3/F Döhle Haus Manila
   30-38 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue
   Barangay San Isidro
   1234 Makati City
   Tel: (+632) 705 8400
   Fax: (+632) 705 8403